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In this video, Called to Adoption‘s co-author Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P., shares about the book, which is for Christian families that feel they’ve been called to adopt. If God put a yearning into your heart to bring a child into your Christian home, Called to Adoption will help to educate you on how to adopt. If you know someone who is facing infertility, or just wants to add to their family, Called to Adoption is a perfect gift.


Educational Seminars

Both Mardie and Heather are available to speak on the following topics:

Called to Adoption: Am I Called?

Discerning God’s call for your life can be difficult when the issue is an emotional one like adoption. Many of us, when viewing photos of orphans or stories that detail the need for adoption are drawn to do something, but it doesn’t always mean we are called to adopt. Honest answers to specific questions help audience members find the true answer to this question. And for those who aren’t called to build their own families through adoption, ideas and opportunities are shared so they can help others.

Called to Adoption: The Need for Christian Adoption

Over 80% of all teen mothers are on welfare. Children of teen parents are three times as likely to become teen parents themselves. Television shows like 16 and Pregnant on MTV are glorifying teen pregnancy, driving many young women to model behavior after the girls they see on TV and conceive a child. Internationally, the news is even worse with a child aging out of orphanages every 2.2 seconds with no family, no money, no future. The need for Christian adoption has never been greater.

Called to Adoption: Moving from Infertility to Adoption

Making the decision to pursue adoption after a biological pregnancy hasn’t happened is not an easy one. Couples may experience grief, disagreement, and even depression as they face their choices. Learn the questions to ask yourselves and the steps to take so you can move together towards adoption if it is the choice for your family.



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Need for Christian Adoption
The Need for Christian Adoption