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These helpful articles are from the book Called to Adoption:
called to Christian adoption articlesThe Need for Christian Adoption
Many feel led to adoption or a call to help others through adoption. If you question, “Why us? Why now?,” maybe the better question is, ”Why not?”

International Adoption
Before you move forward with an international adoption, it is important to gather information and support.
Articles Christian AdoptionThe Adoption Home Study
Adoption home studies not only serve to qualify you to adopt but also help to prepare you for adoptive parenting… for the child you’re so eager to meet!

Open, Semi-Open, & Closed Adoptions
You may feel some fear or discomfort about committing to ongoing communication with someone you don’t know, but experience can soften our hearts and bring us to the understanding that birth families typically want contact because they, too, love this child.
Adoption encouragementEncouragement for Your Adoption
Whatever your adoption path, hold tight to your faith and the promises He gives us in His word. Pray for guidance, for strength, for wisdom, and for opportunities during this time of waiting to help others.



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Need for Christian Adoption
The Need for Christian Adoption