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author Mardie Caldwell with one of her adoption booksWelcome Media! Thank you for your interest in Called to Adoption – A Christian’s Guide to Answering the Call.

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Book Foreword by Terry Meeuwsen
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I am a HUGE adoption proponent. Five of my seven children were adopted. Every child deserves to be wanted and to have a place to belong. Spiritually, adoption is a parallel picture of how we have been adopted into the family of God.

The process of adoption is not for the faint-hearted. I actually think that’s a good thing. It helps us evaluate the commitment and consider the cost. Mardie’s book offers personal experiences, real stories, and valuable sources of information.

As you do your homework, listen carefully for the voice of the Lord. Adoption is a God-idea, but it is not for everyone. Be sure you and your partner are like-minded about this. You are embarking on a God-adventure. If He calls you to it, He’ll provide everything you need for it. Mardie’s book is a part of that provision. It’s a wonderful resource. Thank you, Mardie.

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