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Order Called to Adoption, the book for Christians feeling the Lord leading them to learn more about adoption. Called to Adoption is available through your local book store, or any of these online book stores:


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Called to Adoption
American Carriage House Publishing
Pub Date: April 2011
128 pages
ISBN 978-1-935176-09-1


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Check out what others are saying about Called to Adoption:

I so much appreciate the book…This is such an emotional process to prepare to take this leap and it was very uplifting and calming to my soul. Thank you so much.
~ Jeanine

A must-read for any Christian who doesn’t know where to start in their call to adoption and who wants to save money.
~ Doris Oriels, adoptive mother

Called to adoption birth momIt’s wonderful. I agree with everything in this book, it’s so true, so right. I hope that people will read this and understand the journey through adoption. There is a baby out there for parents who are waiting. It’s in His timing. It always turns out just right. God always knows.
~ Lonni Mayfield, adoptive mother of twins

Called to Adoption, being strongly biblical, emphasizes how God’s wisdom is wrapped around the heart and soul of the adoption process. I love the Adoption Wisdom sections and admonitions throughout the book; these verses capture the essence of God’s love for the birth families and adoptive families. It’s a wonderful book, full of biblical integrity, like a handbook and spiritual teaching guide for families hoping to adopt.
~ Judie Sobrero, MFT

Called to Christian Families Adoption CoupleA must-read for Christians everywhere! I like how the authors frame the book that it is for people feeling the Holy Spirit nudging them to learn more. The reality is that many of us feel so sorry for orphans and children that need homes, but we are ill-prepared or simply unable to provide for more than our own. We are challenged though to simply LEARN more about adoption, so that we can help others.

After reading this book, I feel completely equipped to help others who may have the physical means of adopting a child through prayer, through kindness, and simply through gaining some knowledge of what they must go through in order to embrace a child in their family.

I feel as though churches should feature this book, as it is truly an inspiration for us to rise up and ensure that all HIS children have loving parents. God bless!
~ Anonymous reviewer at the Nook website

This book is phenomenal…we bought it for all our family and many friends and it helped everyone understand the practical aspects of adoption but also the spiritual side of what we were going through.
~ Charlotte, adoptive parent-in-waiting


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