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What Others Are Saying About Called to Adoption

adoption praiseI so much appreciate the book…This is such an emotional process to prepare to take this leap and it was very uplifting and calming to my soul. Thank you so much.
~ Jeanine
A must-read for any Christian who doesn’t know where to start in their call to adoption and who wants to save money.
~ Doris Oriels, adoptive mother
It’s wonderful. I agree with everything in this book, it’s so true, so right. I hope that people will read this and understand the journey through adoption. There is a baby out there for parents who are waiting. It’s in His timing. It always turns out just right. God always knows.
~ Lonni Mayfield, adoptive mother of twins
Called to Adoption, being strongly biblical, emphasizes how God’s wisdom is wrapped around the heart and soul of the adoption process. I love the Adoption Wisdom sections and admonitions throughout the book; these verses capture the essence of God’s love for the birth families and adoptive families. It’s a wonderful book, full of biblical integrity, like a handbook and spiritual teaching guide for families hoping to adopt.
~ Judie Sobrero, MFT
A must-read for Christians everywhere! I like how the authors frame the book that it is for people feeling the Holy Spirit nudging them to learn more. The reality is that many of us feel so sorry for orphans and children that need homes, but we are ill-prepared or simply unable to provide for more than our own. We are challenged though to simply LEARN more about adoption, so that we can help others.
After reading this book, I feel completely equipped to help others who may have the physical means of adopting a child through prayer, through kindness, and simply through gaining some knowledge of what they must go through in order to embrace a child in their family.
I feel as though churches should feature this book, as it is truly an inspiration for us to rise up and ensure that all HIS children have loving parents. God bless!
~ Anonymous reviewer at the Nook website
praise for called to adoptionThank you for an inspiring and helpful book. I particularly appreciated the scripture references and spiritual insights, as they encourage me to look back and thank God for His leading in our adoption process. Called to Adoption will help anyone get started on the road to adoption.
~ Steve Oas, adoptive dad of two
Called to Adoption is a must read for any Christian considering adoption to build their family. Mardie Caldwell and Heather Featherston have done an excellent job of outlining the major topics in adoption that must be prayerfully considered before beginning on a successful adoption journey. I only wish this book had been available to read at the beginning of our adoption journey!
~ Tricia Davids, adoptive mother
Christian adoption praiseCalled to Adoption is a must read for everyone considering adoption. It’s a clear, concise, easy to read step-by-step guide for everything from deciding to adopt, different ways to go about it, and how to handle situations after the adoption. Interspersed throughout the book are frequently asked questions and biblical references that will help Christians take comfort in the fact that God is in control of your adoption.
~ Elizabeth Lowe, adoptive parent
Knowing the quality service and tender wisdom that both Mardie and Heather bring to their work, I believe strongly that this book will arm families with the information they need to be successful in adoption. Their dedication and passion for adoption is evident in everything they do, and that clearly translates in this book.
~ Francine D. Ward, Business & Intellectual Property Attorney
praise Christian adoption
adoption stepsAfter reading Called to Adoption, we can really appreciate the concrete instruction about adoption and the steps that hopeful adoptive parents need to take. I think the major lesson that we learned in our adoption was to do the work that was put in front of us and to leave our hands off everything else and let God do His part. We felt a real sense of peace throughout our adoption process, mainly, I believe, because we allowed God to facilitate our adoption.
~ Patrick and Tammy Terry, adoptive parents
While reading this book, I was reminded of how God had a perfect plan for our lives, and there is no doubt He had a strong hand in both of our adoptions. We knew that He was leading us to adopt, and we had to trust Him through many situations that were out of our control. As with anything in life, adoption is a journey that we have to depend on God to lead the way.
~ Lori McKenzie, adoptive mother of two and educator
called to adoptionThis book is perfect for Christian families that experience that call from God to adopt. I’m thankful that we listened to God and adopted our son! In this next adoption, everything is different. This journey has been and will be filled with lots of unknowns, but the title alone gave me encouragement that I needed and the reminder that God called me to adopt.
~ Brandi Pierce, adoptive mother
There are many things to think about and research prior to pursuing an adoption. Mardie lays out a plan that is Christ-centered and easy to follow. Called to Adoption is essential to helping you understand the call to adopt, the pitfalls to avoid when embarking on this journey and the steps to pursuing and completing a successful adoption like ours.
~ Jennifer Spitzer, adoptive mother of two and educator
adoption expert Mardie CaldwellWhat a refreshing title in today’s world! This book hits on every aspect of adoption and addresses the heart issues parents face along the way. Mardie’s faith and trust in God is very clear and evident in her life work in bringing children and families together. Called to Adoption is a blessing for families hoping to adopt, and I pray it will bring more couples confidently to the decision to adopt.
~ Sarah Pulliam, adoptive mother of two


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