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Author Mardie Caldwell’s Media Appearances

News Pitch: The New Face of Adoption
Adoption expert Mardie Caldwell

Adoption has changed dramatically since the days when mothers gave birth and never saw their child again. Records were sealed and adoption was considered a stigma for everyone involved. Closed adoption left both adoptees and birth mothers wondering for years with so many unanswered questions. Leaving adoption open is Caldwell’s driving force. Adoption does not have to be a goodbye forever or a goodbye at all…

Caldwell can discuss:

  • Common misunderstandings and myths about open adoption including that domestic adoption is more difficult than international adoption
  • With the recession, adoption rates are up. Caldwell’s adoption center is currently working with 400 women who are making an adoption plan for their unborn babies. This number is more than triple from last year.
  • Older children being placed for adoption by grandparents or family members who have been them but are no longer able.
  • The need to educate birth parents and adoptive parents about their choices and legal rights. More than ever, greater social awareness and education is needed about open adoption.
  • Her book “So I Was Thinking About (Open) Adoption” written for women considering placing a child for adoption.


Media Appearances

As a Certified Open Adoption Practitioner, Mardie Caldwell is the Founder and CEO of Lifetime Adoption in Florida. Assisting with more than 140 adoptions each year, Lifetime has become one of the largest adoption centers in the country. Working nationwide, Lifetime’s caring staff supports each woman as they consider their pregnancy choices while encouraging waiting adoptive families throughout their adoption journey.

Mardie has designed an adoption program that is personalized for each individual who contacts her center and provides around-the-clock availability for any birth parent considering adoption.

She designed the program after her own adoption struggles and prides herself on the caring, compassionate support that is offered to each birth parent and family who works with her center.

Recently, Mardie Caldwell was interviewed on Christian Broadcasting Network’s “The 700 Club Interactive.” She spoke about her journey from infertility to adoption, and how adoption has touched her life through the adoption of her son.

Caldwell, a nationally recognized adoption expert, explains why open adoption is so important for all parties involved. Adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth mothers can all benefit from an open adoption plan. She shares some vital tips for those hoping to adopt a baby. Caldwell is the author of two recent books about adoption, one aimed at those hoping to adopt, and the other for women considering placing their child for adoption.


adoption step by step guideAs an Adoption Author, Mardie has had the opportunity to reach out and share her adoption experience with others around the world. Both of her books for adoptive families, and Adoption: Your Step by Step Guide have won awards, including the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award. They are both widely recommended by many, including Dr. Laura Schlesinger who hailed Mardie’s book as the “ultimate guide to adoption”.

adoption bookHer book written specifically for women considering adoption for their children, So I Was Thinking About Adoption…, has received much media attention. It is now considered the finest book of its kind and is available nationwide. In addition, Mardie offers it as a complimentary download for women who need the information as they consider the best decision for their child.

thinking about adoption mediaAdditionally, Mardie has written The Healthcare Professionals Adoption Guide, geared toward educating doctors, nurses, social workers, and anyone working with women in the healthcare industry. Many times, these professionals are working directly with women who are making the difficult decisions about their child’s future, yet there is little training to bring them up-to-date on the best practices in open adoption.

healthcare guide to adoptionThis guide, along with the opportunity for in-service trainings has made a huge difference with adoption education for healthcare professionals.


As an Adoption Expert, Mardie has graciously provided her knowledge, experience, and caring heart to media requests from across the country and around the world. Many people were first introduced to Mardie through one of her appearances in the media as one of the most experienced adoption experts in the United States. Most recently, she was featured on NBC’s The Today Show and CNN’s No Bias, No Bull. She has made many media appearances including TV (including CNN, Fox, NBC, and Dr. Laura), and numerous national radio interviews, and is widely sought for print articles.

Mardie finds her role as an adoptive mother to be the most important. The path that led Mardie to her son more than twenty years ago is one that was life-changing, as she often shares through her own testimony. She was inspired to design the popular and unique Adoption Prayer Bracelet. This special bracelet allows those touched by adoption to display their adoption hope:

Mardie Caldwell’s company Lifetime Adoption was featured on Hugh Downs’ production One World, in a special segment called “Voices for the Children:”

media appearances with Larry KingAdditional Audio & Video Clips

Larry King Live:

Mardie Caldwell was interviewed by Larry King about whether adoptions are possible in Haiti following the tragic earthquake.

No Bias No Bull on CNN

Mardie appeared on No Bias No Bull as the expert in domestic adoption. The appearance was live via a studio in Sacramento, California. The interview with Roland Martin was live. Read a transcript of this interview here.

The Today Show on NBC

As part of the “I Want a Baby” series, Mardie discusses options with domestic adoption live in the New York studio with Meredith Viera. Mardie also contributed supporting information per the request of NBC producers for the website.

Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P., America’s Adoption expert, shares her adoption experience and knowledge from helping families through the process and adopting herself. Every day, families are being brought together by adoption.

Inside Edition

Mardie provided comments on the benefits of open adoption in the wake of Oprah’s big adoption secret being revealed.

The Balancing Act on Lifetime television

You may view the video below to see Caldwell interviewed about open adoption on this television program:


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