Here in the United States, media and popular entertainment seem to glorify teen pregnancy.  MTV’s reality shows “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” have become increasing popular…making celebrities out of teen mothers.  However, it seems that there may be some misperceptions here.  Teenage pregnancy is not nearly as glamorous as it may seem on TV.

Below are some strong statistics that help explain the actual challenges of teen mothers in the US.

  • 80% of teen moms are on welfare
  • Over 50% of children raised by teen moms are reported to Child Protection Services
  • Only 1.5% of teen moms graduate from college by age 30 (and only 40% graduate from high school)
  • Children raised without a father are twice as likely to quit school and four times as likely to need behavioral help
  • Children of teen parents are three times more likely to become teen parents themselves.

Perhaps it’s time to open our eyes to the seriousness of this situation.  Teen moms….there is help for you out there.   There are plenty of loving Christian families looking to adopt a child in need, and willing to help with the costs of pregnancy including medical expenses.