Shelter our loved ones in Your shadow and grant them rest.
Shield those dear to us; we know every fear You’ll arrest.
Save them from harm and cover them as they end their days.
Please command Your angels to guard all their ways.
Rescue and protect them by the power of Your Name.
Thank You for Your faithfulness that is always the same.
~Psalm 91

The adoption journey can be a difficult one.  And this is one time you want to ensure you are taking time to pray diligently.  Each and every day, take time to pray for the following people, known and unknown, who will help you in your journey:

  • The birth mother who is carrying or has delivered your child. Pray for strength, courage, peace, and the presence of the Holy Spirit
  • The birth father. Pray he is a supportive partner to her or, if absent, that he allows her the freedom to make decisions.
  • Your adoption professionals. Pray that they are strong, compassionate, understanding, and protected as they work day and night to build your family.
  • Your family and friends. Ask God to encircle you with the love and support you need at this time, bringing in positive people and gently letting go of those who do not choose to be.
  • Your heart. Adoption is truly a matter of the heart. Pray for His love for your birth mother and His protection as you but your heart out there.

God bless you today!