The Key to Your Adoption Success: Real People, Real Adoptions

As an adoptive parent herself, the author of Called to Adoption understands the importance of working real person as your adoption professional – it is key to your adoption success in adopting a baby or child. It is important that you can relate to your adoption professional, and that they have an identity. Lifetime Adoption’s passion is adoption; the people who work at Lifetime Adoption are very passionate about the adoptive families, children, and birth parents that they work with. They have an open door policy, lots educational programs and info to help you make the right decision for you!


Christian Couples Needed for Adoption Situations

Nationwide adoption center Lifetime Adoption is in need of loving Protestant married couples interested in adopting newborns and occasionally older children nationwide. Our clients are seeking families who are active in their church.

One such adoption situation is a Caucasian birthmother who would like to maintain contact through letters and photos. She states no substance usage throughout her pregnancy, and needs minimal assistance with medical expenses.

Another birthmother is expecting a full African American baby and would like to place with an African American or bi-racial couple. There is a history of bi-polar disorder in her family, and birthmother states that she manages her bi-polar disorder through medication.

Currently, Lifetime Adoption has a number of birthmothers due who are hoping to look at families ASAP. You may view the Birthparents Seeking Adoptive Families page online to learn about more situations.

To apply to adopt through Lifetime, please visit and fill out a free application.


Adoption Goes Mobile: iPhone App

OpenAdoption, one of the newest apps available in the iTunes Store, brings adoption education and pregnancy options directly to mobile devices. The free app provides not only information and help, but also links to over 150 families waiting to adopt. It enables users to learn about and explore their adoption options, search for and review families that are ready to adopt, and utilize other adoption tools. Users will be pleased with the ease of use and excellent performance offered by the developer of the app. Click to visit the iTunes store to download the OpenAdoption app. 

It also provides a full download of the book, So I Was Thinking About Adoption, geared toward women who are considering adoption of an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. The technology allows anybody to instantly and privately access adoption planning tools.

The app was the brainchild of Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P. who was one of the first adoption professionals to take adoption services to the internet. Through Caldwell’s adoption center, Lifetime Adoption, she has helped thousands of women find the free and non-judgmental help they need as they consider various options for their pregnancy.

Non-iPhone users can view and use the app as a web-based version at The same functionality and usability is incorporated in this web version that works similarly to the version available in the iTunes Store.