I asked God, “How much time do I have before I die?”
He replied, “Enough to make a difference”…
– Unknown

Do you know that almost 6,000 children are orphaned every single day around the world? And every 2.2 seconds, an orphan child is pushed out of the system into the world with no one to turn to. Is it any wonder then that we find so many young criminals and prostitutes in our society?

We read so many stories about celebrities adopting children from Africa and Vietnam. From Madonna to Angelina Jolie, Hollywood stars and politicians are tripping over themselves to adopt a child from abroad. While it is heartwarming, have you ever wondered about the children in America? In the rush to adopt from abroad, are we sidelining domestic adoption options? With teenage pregnancies on the rise in America, there are many infants and children in dire need of someone to care for them. Statistically speaking, children placed in institutions fare miserably as they do not receive the unconditional love and acceptance that only parents can provide. They invariably turn to crime or become teenage parents themselves. How wonderful it would be if believers reach out to pregnant women and teenagers who are desperate to place their babies in safe and stable Christian homes!

The Bible says that anyone who welcomes a child in His name welcomes God Himself. God sees these children and wants them to be nurtured by believing couples who will not only raise them to be good citizens, but also help expand His Kingdom by making God known them. Instead of waiting for someone to make the difference, we now have the opportunity to be the difference. If you are considering adoption, I encourage you to pray that God will lead you to the right agency and the right professionals to find the child He has chosen to bring into your family.