The Key to Your Adoption Success: Real People, Real Adoptions

As an adoptive parent herself, the author of Called to Adoption understands the importance of working real person as your adoption professional – it is key to your adoption success in adopting a baby or child. It is important that you can relate to your adoption professional, and that they have an identity. Lifetime Adoption’s passion is adoption; the people who work at Lifetime Adoption are very passionate about the adoptive families, children, and birth parents that they work with. They have an open door policy, lots educational programs and info to help you make the right decision for you!


Called to Adoption Featured in Adoption Today Magazine

Called to Adoption has been featured in the August issue of Adoption Today! Adoption Today is an adoption magazine dedicated to international and trans-racial adoption. In the magazine, the book’s author Mardie Caldwell is interviewed about her professional experience as an adoption professional, as well as her own journey to adopt her son. She shares how Called to Adoption is a helpful resource for all persons interested in domestic or international adoption.

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